Automotive Glass Europe Alliance Expands Overseas

Automotive Glass Europe has expanded overseas in a move to bring added benefits for fleets and leasing/insurance companies.

Founded more than a decade ago, the alliance provides a European glass repair and replacement network that operates in 1,500 locations across 20 different European countries and has now founded a close cooperation with networks in Africa and North America.

The new cooperations have been formed with Autoboys of Southern Africa and Canada’s Uniban. Although Uniban and Autoboys will not share jobs with other countries, like AGE’s European Partners do, the partnerships have been formed to help share best practice between different continents and will bring further support to insurance, leasing and fleet companies operating across multiple continents

The key reason for creating our alliance over a decade ago was to provide our partners from different European countries with an international dimension whenever necessary. 11 years on, we have seen that this initiative is appreciated by their customers. However, the ongoing, wider globalisation tells us that European cooperation is no longer sufficient; our customers now require much more than just that. We have found that the colleagues of both North-America’s Clairus Group and Southern Africa’s Autoboys have the same vision on our industry.

Said Pim de Ridder, managing director of Automotive Glass Europe

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Automotive Glass Europe Alliance Expands Overseas