CV1Shot is a revolutionary new product specifically designed to attack and neutralise Coronavirus on the surfaces in your vehicle. The aerosol allows the active ingredient to spread across all surfaces in your vehicle, even the hard to reach places. It is safe and easy to use, and completely disinfects your vehicle in 7 minutes. Once the process is completed it leaves no build up on your vehicle’s fixtures or fittings.

The perfect way to neutralise Coronavirus in your vehicle

Safe for use in vehicles​

Does not create build up that can damage car interiors

TUV Rheinland, ISO9001:2015 and SANAS certified manufacturer

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Frequently Asked Questions

CV1Shot is a surface disinfectant that has been specifically designed to be used in cars.

The disinfectant used breaks down bacteria, fungi and viruses neutralising them.

  • Turn the car ventilation system on full, in recirculating mode with vents open.
  • Place CV1Shot in the front passenger footwell facing upright, ensuring no obstruction above.
  • Press the nozzle down until it clicks into position triggering the spray to discharge.
  • Close doors immediately, with user outside the car.
  • Allow 2 minutes for discharge and activation.
  • Open doors and allow a further 5 minutes for ventilation.

CV1Shot contains denatured ethanol and benzalkonium chloride.

Unlike many products on the market CV1Shot is specifically designed to leave behind minimum deposits. Products that leave behind a layer on the surface can cause build up that will eventually need deep cleaning and may damage materials.

The 120ml aerosol fogger is designed to disinfect one car, one time. The 400ml aerosol fogger is designed for multiple use and can disinfect 3-4 cars depending on the size of the car.

CV1Shot is a surface sanitiser. The car interior remains sanitised until it comes into contact with a virus, bacteria or fungi at which point the interior can be recontaminated. The recommendation is that cars be sanitised when you feel there has been the risk of contamination.

Yes, CV1Shot has the certifications:

  • TUV Rheinland (manufacturing)
  • ISO9001:2015 (manufacturing)
  • SANAS (manufacturing and product)

CV1Shot is available online and from Autoboys parts stores nationwide. Follow this link to find your closest parts store.

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The disinfectant used breaks down the virus and kills it.

A virus is an organism that attacks your body cells. By completely killing any traces of the virus there is nothing to make you ill.

There is no method available to test if any product application has completely worked whether aerosol application or wiping. By using the aerosol version the active ingredient is spread across all surfaces including the difficult to reach ones. This gives the best chance of killing any virus cells that are around.

It contains benzalkonium chloride, a disinfectant recommended by the EU for eradication of Coronavirus.

Unlike many products on the market this is specifically designed to attack Coronavirus. It leaves behind the absolute minimum deposits that may cause an irritating build up. Some products say that they leave behind a layer on the surface but every time you use it the layer builds up and eventually will need deep cleaning and may damage materials. There is no damage or water rings formed by our product on any vehicle surface.

There are no reported side effects.

Keep the container away from children but otherwise it is safe for use.

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