Author: Tanya de Sa Franco

Autoboys and Kanye Vimba Partner to Deliver Dynamic Paint Solutions

JOHANNESBURG, 20 September 2019 — Automotive body shops across South Africa are set to gain access to a greater array of premium-quality, cost-efficient paint solutions thanks to a new joint venture agreement struck between Autoboys and Kanye Vimba. Founded in 2006, Kanye Vimba is a leading coating and consumables supply chain specialist, serving customers in […]

Automotive Glass Europe Alliance Expands Overseas

Founded more than a decade ago, the alliance provides a European glass repair and replacement network that operates in 1,500 locations across 20 different European countries and has now founded a close cooperation with networks in Africa and North America.

Autoboys Brings World’s Best Windshield Repair Tool To SA

Unlike other windshield repair kits on the market, the ProVac Zoom does not need to drill into glass to repair damage. Instead, it is able to gently and quickly suction air out, allowing for a perfect seal almost instantly.

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